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Jones Nursery Landscaping and Irrigation has been in business since 1974.  We specialize in all types of sprinkler repairs, like pumps, time clocks, broken line repairs and sprinkler heads, valves, up grading and maintenance contracts.

We design an install irrigation systems for both residential homes and commercial property in the Brevard County area.  Installing or upgrading an irrigation system provides you with the opportunity to have a water efficient system that is custom designed to your individual needs including your landscaping.

We also sell palms, trees, and plants at our nursery and provide installation.  We also sell and install, made in America aluminum  flag poles of various sizes.

Telescoping Flagpoles

Available in all sizes

Our brand of Telescoping Flagpole  was invented in the 1980's. The entire flag pole can be collapsed with the push of a button and removed for storage, until needed again, and then once again be easily slipped into the ground sleeve and raised respectfully.

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